TIP & TRICKS | Half Cab Roll with Axel Modin

Halfcabroll Axel Modin tips & tricks

TIP & TRICKS | Half Cab Roll with Axel Modin

Half Cab Roll (HEEL SIDE SWITCH BACKROLL FS 180) by Axel Modin

// STEP ONE //

Approach the kicker switch heel side, keep the edge all the way to the kicker and flatten out right before hitting it.

// STEP TWO //

When you pop off the sweet spot(top of kicker), remember to pop off your toes. This is to make sure you don’t “slip out” and keep control throughout the flip.


Ifyouwanttogofora mute grab like I did in this particular roll then lift your knees up towards your chin and grab ahold in between your feet with your front hand. If not then simply extend your body and lift your head to spot the landing.


Prepare for impact! Spot your landing as early as possible and bend your knees when embracing the impact. You want to land with the handle pointing “thumbs down”, meaning your thumb on leading hand is pointing down. This is to ensure that your shoulders lands on top of the board.

Halfcabroll Axel Modin

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