Top 5 Wakeboarders outfit styles


Top 5 Wakeboarders outfit styles

Well today we’re going to talk about the different wakeboarders’ outfits. We will approach all the styles that have caught our attention. If you ever meet one of them, you’ll think of us when you see those freaks. Attention, non-exhaustive list and second degree guarantee, here is the top 5 wakeboarders outfit styles!

The Bare-chested

This is the guy who wants to show that he is the best. Wakeboarding is his life and a continous competition : in addition to always wanting to make a tricks battle to show you how he is better than you, he’ll also ride bare-chested under 15 degrees to let you know that wakeboarding is about having a strong mental. Obviously his favourite sentence is : ” Once you’re in, it’s hot !”. You understand, safety, helmet, jacket are not for him, style first. However, you admire him in secret because he does have style but sometimes you still want to hit him. Or maybe it’s just a guy who’s too hot.



The Animal

The guy we’ve all seen before. The one who comes with his buddies (mostly dressed in the same way) with only one goal : be the most funny guy. At the beginning he makes some cool clips and everyone is laughing. But after three consecutive week-ends with the same outfit and the same joke, it is BORING. Nevertheless if he makes himself laughing, why should we make him stop ?



The Insta Girl

She doesn’t care about wakeboarding. You see her once a month when the sun comes up on summer beacause you know, in winter and automn it is too cold. Obviously she doesn’t want to make her best tricks, no no ! Her goal is to win as likes as possible with the superb photo she will take. However with her super sexy water suit, everybody is watching her and you can fail on each obstacles you take peacefully. And that is cool.



The Man on Fire

Yeah, we don’t understand neither. May be a guy who wanted to become the most original rider on earth for a video. But we are still wondering how he made it and it is pretty beautiful. So we applaud.



The integral wet-suit

Run away. RUN AWAY !! This guy is the extreme wakeboarder. He doesn’t give a f*** about style, what he wants is riding anywhere, anywhen, anyhow. With his integral wet-suit, he’s travelling around the world to find new spots, feel new sensations and try tricks you wouldn’t even imagine. He has already broken four of his ribs, his left leg and almost die a thousand times. So when he comes to you with a road trip or video proposal, take your board, turn back and runaway  as far as possible. Best way to keep your life safe.



Our Top 5 Wakeboarders outfit styles is now over. We will be back soon with new wake tops !



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