Ty Morlang (newyears eve movie) | Valdosta Wake Compound

valdosta wake compound ty morlang

Ty Morlang (newyears eve movie) | Valdosta Wake Compound

Cool wakeskate sess’ at the famous american park Valdosta Wake Compound with Ty Morlang

Under the words of Ty

I spent 2016 riding my Byerly BTbt 40” and my Hyperlite Grubb 38” decks at a couple of the most next level parks in the world, Jibtopia and Valdosta. I am also working on progressing my underground spots in the Midwest, That is what I did with a few of my summer months while I caught the spring, fall and winter butter in Valdosta. Quinn and Luke put together a sick park for riders by riders to enjoy and progress the sport with a full cable and a two 2 towers, Quinn will give you ideas that are mind blowing, he comes up with hits that are possible for sure, I just have to nut up and pop some cherrys on some different setups with him and we will do some really cool stuff. I am stoked on hitting different hits and filming my free riding while I progress my wakeskating. I got clips from a few buddies, the ones I remember are Rex and Justine Ness, she hung with me and got shots while we shotgunned some beers at Jibtopia. Special shoutout to Midwest Shades, we are partnering up for 2017 to do some cool stuff…

newyears eve movie from tylyn morlang on Vimeo.

Valdosta Wake Compound

“Every day we put everything we have into our features, our park, and our riding.  We strive to give everyone who visits the best possible conditions to progress and thrive in a safe, controlled environment. Progression is the key to revolution.”

The cable park is located at 5 minutes from the Valdosta Regional Airport and 2 hours drive from Jacksonville. There are 2 Sesitec System 2.0.
The first with flat boxes, 2 small wedge-style kickers.
The second with 1 large kicker, a round incline rail, a flat-up-flat trex rail and a double sided kicker/box combo transfer.


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