Wakeskating Thailand | Daniel Grant ,Phuket

Wakeskating Thailand-daniel-grant

Wakeskating Thailand | Daniel Grant ,Phuket

WAKESKATING THAILAND,  Daniel Grant – Phuket

What a “good WAKESKATE session” on the words of Daniel GRANT !

Wakeskating Thailand :In February, with support from Ripcurl Thailand I got the chance to take a trip down to Phuket with a crew of 5 good friends. We had full advantage of the empty beaches and on the final day we decided to charge any waves in our way! Giving you a glimpse into Thailands winching and holiday potential during the COVID-19 pandemic

Wakeskating Thailand , PHUKET

Edit By : Daniel Grant Filmed by : Amnaht Murphy , BCHEESE , Bank Charlermrat , Mill Supsitsaenee , Leesaw Wisen , Daniel Grant Supported by : Ripcurl Thailand

Check out Daniel Grant video on Unleashed !

On the words of Daniel Grant :

The past 10 years have been absolutely Surreal,like looking back to when i’d fly to over 30 contests a year i’d literally be non Stop. I’ve met some really amazing people from all over the world, it’s really been the best 10 years of my Life, i can’t thank everyone and the sport enough for the opportunity and support to express myself on the water .

It’s been a decade full of experiences , learning, laughing, crying, screaming, it’s been one hell of a ride


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