WAPH (100% made in France)


WAPH (100% made in France)

WAPH – The most powerful laces tightening system of the market

Feel the real power of your bindings with the lace systems from the french brand WAPH.
WAPH is a new brand from France, created by a wakeboarder, but also an engineer. Created at the end of 2015, with a strong boardsport spirit, the brand is now a ‘can’t miss’ in France, and is promised to have a great future. Its first main product was a shoelace belt, with a 3D printed buckle. The WAPH shoelace belt is the lightest and easiest to use belt, inspired from the way skateboarders tighten their pants with shoelaces.

But WAPH pushes innovation further and rebuilt its shoelace belt to use it like a tightening system on bindings! The REINFORCED pack was born, which is now a best seller on the market.

The pack is composed of two strong laces and two unbreakable buckles which were redesigned from the belt’s buckle. They are 3D printed and life warranted. With its real cog-wheel inside, the laces’ traction is distributed in the best way in your bindings and the tightening is automatic.
These lacing systems will make you have a tightening comfort you have never experienced ! It really doesn’t move, and makes you feel the power of your bindings like you’ve never experienced before.
Two kind of packs are available: REINFORCED for 2 laces and 2 buckles or REINFORCED x2 for 4 laces and 4 buckles, depending of how many laces your bindings need. The packs are compatible with all bindings with laces.
WAPH didn’t stop there. They pushed the concept even farther by creating the WAPH subscription. Actually some bindings are really hard for laces, even if it’s a really strong one.

So WAPH found the solution and introduce the WAPH subscription so that you get new laces regularly and enjoy the REINFORCED technology all season without stress.
WAPH is the only brand in the world to do that!

Now, you can enjoy full power throughout your season !

The REINFORCED pack by WAPH will be used by the entire French team in contests.
Everything is 100% made in France.

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