Yardsale I & II recap video from Board meetings


Yardsale I & II recap video from Board meetings

YARDSALE I & II by Board Meetings

During the Last year 2 years  , the best international riders competed at Valdosta Wake Compound for the  Valdosta Yardsale, and the board meetings crew capture the quintessence of those 2 event and just made an insane recap video on announcement of the Yard Sale 3 held in Valdosta next Week from 26 th  to 30 th  of April 2019 .

Video signed  Board Meetings

Check out the Peacock Bro’s video from the event on #unleashedwakemag

Board Meetings

Valdosta Yardsale II

Valdosta Wake Compound

“Every day at Valdosta Wake Compound we put everything we have into our features, our park, and our riding.  We strive to give everyone who visits the best possible conditions to progress and thrive in a safe, controlled environment. Progression is the key to revolution.”

The cable park is located at 5 minutes from the Regional Airport and 2 hours drive from Jacksonville. There are 2 Sesitec System 2.0.
The first with flat boxes, 2 small wedge-style kickers.
The second with 1 large kicker, a round incline rail, a flat-up-flat trex rail and a double sided kicker/box combo transfer.

The Valdosta Wake Compound is a facility where you can experience watersports like never before. For years we have been riding, building, and working to understand how to create the best and safest environment for progression. We started off building secret winch spots around the creeks of Valdosta along with frequent weekend getaways to the Gravity Research Compound in Eastman, Ga. Through all of the builds, hits, and misses, we developed a common goal, to build not only the first cable park in Georgia, but one of the first cable parks completely funded, designed, developed, and operated by riders for riders. So whether you are just learning to ride or just want to take in the atmosphere and layout by the lake, the Compound is just the place to make it happen.



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