Anita Leina | Wakeboard Edit 2019


Anita Leina | Wakeboard Edit 2019

Anita Leina wants to show us her best skills at the Wake You wakepark, and it is very impressive ! The highlights of her 2019 season (through the mist) contains big airs, slides and rotations… well done Anita !

Wakeboard Edit 2019

Check out the highlights of an other wake girl at Wake You Wakepark : Justine Zonne !

Wake You

Wakeyou is a two-tower cable wake park by Riga airport.
Wakepark features solid HDPE obstacles:
small kicker 0.90m high
large spine kicker 1.10m high
classic flat box 18.00m long
incline pipe 12.00m long
transition funbox 23.00m long
quarterpipe 3.00m high
Full set of rental equipment.



-anita leina-

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