BANNED | Hyperlite’s Lisa Baloo

Banned-Lisa Baloo

BANNED | Hyperlite’s Lisa Baloo

BANNED  Hyperlite’s Lisa Baloo

BANNED : This is the story of an insane Russian Rider  BANNED because of a Stupid War in Europe .

Banned – A film by Lisa Baloo on wakeboarding and how life has changed in recent years.

With her unwavering determination and love for the sport, Lisa inspires others to pursue their own passions and find solace in the things that bring them joy, just as wakeboarding has done for her. This ambitious project, she explains, became her way of immersing herself in the sport and momentarily escaping from the chaos and challenges of the world. Despite facing hurdles and being banned from many events, Lisa remained resilient, refusing to give up on her dreams and fighting against all odds.

BANNED  Lisa Baloo out of russia for the rest of his life !

More About Lisa Baloo


Lisa Baloo: Rising Above Adversity as a Pro Wakeboarder on the Hyperlite Team

In the world of professional sports, tales of determination, dedication, and resilience often stand out as shining examples of the human spirit’s ability to triumph over adversity. Lisa Baloo, a remarkable pro wakeboarder and integral member of the Hyperlite Team, embodies these qualities in her inspiring journey. Hailing from Russia, Lisa faced an unexpected and life-altering challenge as she was forced to leave her homeland due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Despite the upheaval in her life, Lisa’s passion for wakeboarding and her unwavering spirit have enabled her to rise above the tumultuous circumstances and continue her pursuit of excellence.

A Rising Star in Wakeboarding

Lisa Baloo’s journey in the world of wakeboarding began at a young age when she discovered her innate love for the sport. As she honed her skills, her talent did not go unnoticed. Her dedication and remarkable abilities led to her becoming a sought-after athlete, catching the attention of the Hyperlite Team, a renowned name in the wakeboarding community. Joining the Hyperlite Team marked a significant milestone in Lisa’s career, propelling her towards greater recognition on the global stage.

Forced to Leave Home

Tragedy struck Lisa’s life when her homeland, Russia, became embroiled in a conflict with Ukraine. The escalating tension and subsequent war forced Lisa to make an agonizing decision – to leave her home, her family, and everything she had known behind. As the situation grew increasingly dire, her safety and dreams became paramount. With a heavy heart, Lisa embarked on a journey to an uncertain future, leaving her beloved sport and her country behind.

Finding Solace in Wakeboarding

Amidst the chaos of displacement, wakeboarding emerged as a lifeline for Lisa. In a foreign land, where the future was uncertain and the past was marred by turmoil, the sport provided her with a familiar sanctuary. The water became a place of solace, where she could momentarily escape the challenges of her new reality and reconnect with her true self. Through every trick, jump, and maneuver, Lisa found strength, resilience, and a sense of purpose.

Resilience and Perseverance

Lisa Baloo’s story is a testament to the human spirit’s incredible capacity to overcome adversity. Despite being uprooted from her homeland and facing unimaginable challenges, Lisa’s determination to continue her wakeboarding journey remained unshaken. Her story serves as an inspiration not only to fellow athletes but to anyone facing daunting circumstances. Lisa’s resilience and perseverance underscore the power of passion in propelling individuals forward, even in the face of the most daunting trials.


Lisa Baloo’s journey from a rising wakeboarding star in Russia to a displaced athlete navigating the challenges of a conflict-stricken world is a story of unwavering courage and determination. Her commitment to her sport, even amidst the chaos of displacement, showcases the incredible power of passion in driving individuals forward. As Lisa continues to defy the odds and inspire those around her, she stands as a living testament to the fact that the human spirit knows no boundaries – not even those imposed by war.

After one year banned of all the worldwide wakeboard contest , she’s back on course since this year in 2023  , and she won many of the most famous contest in Europe like the Munich Mash and others …. Congrats for her determination to keep going with her sport under an insane community and wakeboard family  who support her for life !


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BANNED Lisa Baloo
BANNED  Hyperlite's Lisa Baloo
BANNED  Hyperlite's Lisa Baloo

Banned - A film by Lisa Baloo on wakeboarding and how life has changed in recent years.

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