How to become a Mofour wakeboards team rider


How to become a Mofour wakeboards team rider

What does it take to become a “Mofour Wakeboards team rider”? The answer might surprise you… The MO4 Wakeboards Company  is always on a lookout for a new talent and regularly receive sponsorship requests from a whole variety of skilled and not so skilled yet wakeboarders. Some send them a Facebook or Instagram msg simply stating “Hi I’m looking for a sponsorship.”, while others send more elaborate requests containing edits, pictures and links.

In case you are considering sending them sponsorship inquiry and want to make an epic first impression, the following is what them encourage you to do:

1. Send an e-mail (I know it’s pretty old school, but still efficient) to
2. Write a short introduction about who you are, your age, how many years you have been riding and any additional info you consider it might be of interest
3. Describe how you think you could contribute to the team and what would you expect to get in return (stating how damn cool you think we are is always a plus ;))
4. MULTIMEDIA: as much edits/vids/pics/links representing you and your riding as possible
5. If you feel comfortable sharing your social media channels, link us up.

That’s pretty much it, not than complex right? Just keep it short, on point and creative. Now, for the big question, how do we decide if you fit the Mofour team?

If you do your e-mail request right, you are already half way through. They are obviously going to judge your riding as well, I mean you are in the wakeboarding business and you should ride well. But it is never the one and only most important factor. One might not be a pro material yet, but if they notice a true potential, willingness to shred, or become aware of the progression the rider made in a certain amount of time (old and new edits needed obviously), you could be in. Another important factors are love for the lifestyle and fitting personality – they all need to get along in order to progress towards a common goal right? There are some other factors as well, but they may vary from a rider to rider – after all, personalities tend to differ.

Well now you know what it takes to become a party of the Mofour family and with that in mind, they  welcome two new riders to the team. Young Russian shredder Ivan Kolesnikov in Phuket, Thailand (lucky guy eh?) and Nicolas Dourthe, a French ripper living in Berlin, Germany. Welcome to the team buddies!


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