Does size matter ? | Wakeboard | JB O’Neill


Does size matter ? | Wakeboard | JB O’Neill

Just one question : Does size matter in wakeboard ?


JB ONeill and Brady Patry go wakeboarding to answer this primordial question for any rider. Let’s see what they think about it !

From JB ONeill on Youtube.

Embark for a day in the life of JB ONeill on Unleashed Wake Mag.

More about JB ONeill

“JB ONEILL is one of the most talented pro riders on the planet. He’s a boat rider, a cable rider, a videographer, traveler and a multitasker”

Hi JB. Introduce yourself in a few words:
Texan Wakeboarder and Chipotle Mexican Restaurant lover.

When did you start wakeboarding and why?
Summer of 2004, my parents had an old SeaRay family style boat that came with a sketchy board with sandal bindings and big shark style fins. I was a full on kneeboarder, but my dad pushed me to try the wakeboard. I honestly wasn’t a fan of wakeboarding my first couple of rides, but once I rode a board with actual bindings, i couldn’t stop anymore!…………

Full interview on Unleashed Wake Mag.


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