Felix Georgii – Shredtown Jamboree

Felix Georgii - Shredtown Jamboree

Felix Georgii – Shredtown Jamboree

Everybody knows Felix Georgii this Atypical German rider. Felix enjoys some shoots during the Shredtown Jamboree.

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Follow Felix Georgii :

“I’m a 22 year old pro Wakeboarder from Germany. I love snowboarding and skating!”

More about Shredtown Jamboree :

“Shredtown Jamboree is a private competition held at The Shredtown Ranch in Texas, where 23 invited riders gather together for three days to ride a unique set-up built by The Shredtown Crew. The worlds best park riders in the world will be pushing each other to new heights on their very own System 2.0 park as well as a bi-level plaza. 2016 will feature an entirely new set-up from the year before and not even the riders themselves will know anything about the new set-up until the first day of the event.

The mission of Shredtown is :

  • to capture the incredible riding that’s sure to unfold when the top rail riders in the world gather to push themselves,


  • to share the entire experience online through a series of videos to be released in the week following the event, which will take place April 29 – May 1, 2016.”

written by “the wakeboard site”

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