“Food and Wake” Support and donate to Siargao Kids!


“Food and Wake” Support and donate to Siargao Kids!

Support and donate to Siargo Kids in the Philippines

Food and Wake ,without any new arriving tourists, they have been wakeboarding a lot with the staff, and locals and residents. It’s been fun to bond, and see old friends again, which we lost track off during the busier tourism times.

To continue, they organised an open Wakepark Day, free for all locals and residents.

And now, they organise another project, called “Food and Wake” for Siargao Kids.

Last Saturday, they did their first try-out event and invited all kids from the local village Consuelo. More than 40 kids showed up and spent the afternoon laughing, swimming, wakeboarding and having a nice meal!

Food and wake siargo-kids-main

Since the opening 2 years ago, they have been wanting to start a community activity where the people of Siargao can benefit the wakepark and experience our way of riding.

These uncertain times calls for opportunity!

They’re inviting all the kids of the surrounding villages to come to the wakepark and have a delicious meal while learning how to wakeboard!

To make this happen, They  need your help!


They’re  now accepting donations.

For 2000php (40USD or 35EUR), you can help us accommodate 10 kids every hour in our “Wake and Food Program”. The more funds we raise, the more kids will be given a chance to enjoy this experience.

The wakepark activity expense, is brought to the bare minimum, enough to pay for the electricity, maintenance and staff. We want to keep open and give everyone on the island the opportunity to ride.


You can donate now through Their    Paypal Me Account “Wakepark Siargao”

Click the PayPal logo for the link / Account Name: Joachim Ortojan (Manager)



After sending an e-mail to all our guests from the last 2 years, we have already accepted donations from all over the world ! (Philippines, France, Israel, Hong Kong, New Zealand, UK, USA, Germany, China and Switzerland!)…It’s amazing to see we can reach out and make a difference. We would love to hear from you!

Kind Regards from Tom,

President Siargao Wakepark,

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