Martinique Paradise | Kroket Productions


Martinique Paradise | Kroket Productions

The Kroket crew is getting their shred on in Martinique ! Working for Tona (kiteboard company), Kroket Productions made their first wakeboarding video.

Cool Mood

Marguerite Migeal, Tim Ambrosius and Lucas Pelus are giving their best on the beautiful spot of Martinique Wake Park.

Published by Tona on facebook.

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More about Martinique Wake Park

Sesitec 2.0 system equippes the Martinique wake park, better known as the Bi-Pulley or Roundtrip, which makes wakeboarding training accessible to all. Upward traction offers an easy and fun approach.

Our cable park  is 142 meters long and 33 meters wide, including two kickers M and XL, an up-rail, a box, and a roof. The pool is artificial. Located on a particularly clayey and therefore impermeable soil, it is fed by a natural pond located upstream as well as colinar retention and roof water recovery systems. No stagnant water beacause it circulates from one basin to another! Additionnaly, the water is oxygenated thanks to the turbulence created by the operation of the ski lift.

The MWP is open to everyone, beginner or advanced rider! In individual or group sessions, in a pleasant and peaceful setting. A refreshment bar, with a superb view, offers drinks and snacks…


Martinique Wake Park web site.

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