The Renovation 2016 | Best Riding

The Renovation 2016

The Renovation 2016 | Best Riding

The „Best Riding“ videos are there .  During  the Renovation 2016  all the teams were giving their best and the end result couldn’t be any better.

For the last voting round the Wake-Community will have 6 days before the voting ends to spread
it out to everyone to get their favorite team closer to winning the final edition of „The Renovation“.

Here are the links to the Best Riding edits:


Team Humanoids riding performance throughout the whole week at the event was mind blowing. Mitch, Oli and Trevor were convincing with their consistency, Style and banger moves on all 6 unit-hacks and stacked their clips in no time. Check out their performance



The building process had Team Slingshot stoked to ride, but unfortunately in the first few hours they faced a new challenge as Antoine had a big crash and would be unable to continue riding that week. Steffen and Dylan had no choice but to step up and pick up the slack for Antoine who showed his support from shore while helping to film for the rest of the week. See what they were able to accomplish and give them your vote , Renovation !



“Man I am so scared“, “Dude this whole thing is so challenging“ were a few of the quotes we overheard from Dominik, Julian and Sam at various times during our weeklong stay at Hip-Notics. Regardless, after team Jobe hit the water and laid down some warm up laps it quickly became obvious that we would witness some crazy tricks from each and rider rider. The team Jobe feature was also the home to several of the best bangers in the event. Show team Jobe your support and give them a vote on, Renovation….



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