WAKE OPEN 2017 | Giorgia & Harley Crowned !

WAKE OPEN 2017 | Giorgia & Harley Crowned !

WAKE OPEN 2017: Harley Clifford and Giorgia Gregorio Win the Nautique Wake Open presented by Rockstar Energy

All eyes were on the water today as the energy from a crowded shoreline projected to some of the most intense competition ever during the Nautique Wake Open finals. The industry-leading Super Air Nautique G23 has become synonymous with progressive moments in and out of competition and today we witnessed an incredible level of riding that is quickly becoming the standard for wakeboarding’s elite.

Highlights by Norby Vasko

Cory Teunissen (AUS), Mike Dowdy (USA), and Harley Clifford (AUS) are gridlocked into a game of trading double flips, 1080’s, and mobe 5’s with no margin for error. Teunissen went down on a 1080 right out of the gate before moving on to a combination of bangers to finish in fourth place with a score of 79.67. Nautique rider Noah Flegel (USA) looked unfazed by the conditions bringing an intensity that earned him a third place podium spot with a score of 82.33 after throwing two 900’s and two mobe 5’s. Nautique superstar Mike Dowdy took advantage of the epic pull behind 4X wakeboard and 3X wakesurf boat of the year, the Super Air Nautique G23, taking second with a masterful run through challenging conditions. Landing a crow 5 right off the bat, Dowdy put down two double flips and a plethora of unique spin variations for a second place score of 87.67. Harley Clifford remained on track with his sights set on the top spot, once again hitting a double tantrum on his first trick, a tail grab KGB, and a melon toe nine for the win with a score of 91.67. The win put Harley back in the number one spot on the Wakeboard World Series rankings in just his second contest back.

“Stoked to take the podium finish today at the Nautique Wake Open! The Super Air Nautique G23 is the boat you want to be behind when conditions are tough. The wake was huge and clean all weekend long and the level of riding continues to be the highest to date,” – said Nautique Athlete Mike Dowdy.
Wake open 2017 pro men

Nautique rider Erika Lang (USA) cranked into the wake landing a missive heelside front roll on her way to a third place score of 79.00. Tarah Mikacich (USA) started her run off with a big wrapped KGB, following it up with a clean batwing and indy tantrum. Giorgia Gregorio’s (ITA) massive whirlybird and moby dick set her apart to take the win with a score of 86.00.
Wake Open 2017 pro Women

The Pro Wakeskaters on the Nautique Wake Series are the best in the world without question. Adapting to challenging conditions, consistency separated the field who put on a show of control and technical mastery. James Balzer (CDN), known for his toughness in windy conditions maintained a perfect balance of strategy and entertainment with a run that saw him stomp heelside a score of 74.00. Placing Second with a toeside indy shuv and a backside 360 to score 85.00 for the win. Austin Polterock (USA) went huge with a switch big spin and mute 360 to take second with a score of 79.33. In third, fan favorite Reed Hansen (USA) crushed it, throwing an indy shuv, and huge 360 variations for a score of 70.00.

“I’m stoked to start the season off with a win. The boys are all ripping and the competition is tighter than ever. Thank you to everyone that is a part of making these events happen and I’ll see you at the next one!” – said James Balzer.

Guenther Oka (USA), Elliot Digney (AUS), and Luca Kidd (GBR) threw down in the Jr. Pro Men’s final proving that wakeboarding’s trend of progression runs deep with no signs of slowing down. Oka remained dominant throughout the weekend leading him to the top of the podium with a score of 88.33. Style is a word continuously used when referring to the wakeboard and wakepark world champion who threw down a run riddled with magic including a switch pete that was unreal. Elliot Digney’s double backroll and relentless attack earned him a second place score of 83.33 followed by Luca Kidd in third scoring 76.67.

The Jr. Women final Shannon Sahinbas (USA) went for it, landing a toeside-wrapped backside 360 taking the win with a score of 80.00. In second Mary Morgan Howell (USA) shredded her way to a 71.67 score, followed by the amazing Hollie Waldrop (USA) in third.

The always exciting Men’s 2 final got the crowd jumping with Kevin Hutts (USA) throwing a big mute roll to revert for the win scoring 80.00. In second Corbin Blanton (USA) has the best OHH in the midwest earning him a score of 68.33. The third place spot went to Ben Vens (USA) from with a score of 40.00.

“The Nautique Wake Open kicks off the summer of wake each year for North America. Along with being a great family event, it is the first peek into the tricks the world’s best riders have been perfecting this off-season. The finals exceed expectations as we witnessed and incredible battle behind the award-winning G23!” said Nautique President Greg Meloon.

More about this event : thewwa.com

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