YS4 Valdosta | Meet Zeb Powell


YS4 Valdosta | Meet Zeb Powell

YS4 Valdosta, when Zeb Powell REDBULL Snowboarder discover the setup ,the contest and the new 2023 slingshot board  …

YS4 Valdosta was  the  wakeboard Event to be , what can we said about the Valdosta Yardsale , Wakeboard and Wakeskate event  , Woodstock spirit , flower power and camper vans , Pro-rider from all over the world, the best filmmaker and photographer at the same time in the same place ….

Zeb Powell one of famous Redbull snowboarder come to meet the whole Space Mob team there , and to discover the spot to try to get  the same feeling on the setup than on snow in the mountains  when he ride there the new guns of Slingshot  ..

 YS4 Valdosta and Zeb Powell


News about the Winner of YS4 Valdosta : The Best Trick award this year  for men went to Quinn Silvernale, for the women to Anna Nikstad. Pedro Caldas delivered the Best Line, and Dary Znebel took Best Overall.

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-More About ZEB POWELL

A stylish goofy-footed snowboarder from North Carolina, Zeb Powell has a knack for melding classic style and modern amplitude.

It’s fitting that snowboarder Zeb Powell was born just a couple of weeks after the turn of the century on January 18, 2000. The stylish goofy foot has a knack for melding classic style with creative modern tricks. His signature blend of a super-smooth rail game with shifty spins and tweaked-out grabs has been turning heads at his local Carinthia Park for a few years now.
When he’s not busy training, competing full time on the Revolution tour and filming with Dylan Demers and the EAST crew, Zeb likes to skate, throw double gainers off cliffs, wakeboard and ride with his friends. “What I really love,” he says, “is flying through the air. So I really like anything that involves flipping and spinning.”
Ironically, the first time Zeb went snowboarding, he hated it. “I was with this really mean instructor who kept making me ride regular,” he explains. “When I finally went back with a friend I saw a little box below the lift. I hit that box on my very first run, stuck it and was totally hooked from then on.”
Since those early days at Cataloochee Ski Area, Zeb’s kept his focus on riding with creativity, flow and style. “I really look up to riders who inspire me to try out new things. I’m always hyped on riders with smooth style and gnarly tricks.”
What’s his five-year plan? “I definitely want to be filming a lot, I love how creative and free it is, but I also love the competitive side of snowboarding… who knows? I just really like being creative and smooth.”


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