Beyond the Boards with Chris O

Beyond boards Chris O'shea

Beyond the Boards with Chris O

Let Chris O’Shea walk you through his pro model boards and the inspirations behind the graphics.

Filmed and Edited by Trevor Bashir

More about Chris O’Shea the Humanoid Rider on

“Chris O’Shea has an effortless yet powerful style of riding a wakeboard.  It is always easy to pick out Chris’s riding style from the rest of the wakeboarders. He was one of the first people to join our team and why we have been collaborating with him on pro model wakeboards since 2012.  Hailing from Australia originally, CO has been on the wakeboard scene for the better part of two decades.  He has paid his dues with award winning video parts and even a ROTY award to stack on his growing list of achievements.  When CO is not riding a wakeboard he is behind the lens producing some of the best images in wakeboarding. With time, we believe he’ll be accomplishing as much behind the lens as in front of it. Since 2012, we have had CO collaborate with artists Keith Jensen, Nicholas Motte, and Oscar Woodruff.

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