Hyperlite 2024 Wake Preview

hyperlite-wakeboard-2024 Launch Graphics

Hyperlite 2024 Wake Preview

The Hyperlite 2024 Product Line Up is dropping RIGHT NOW.

The Hyperlite 2024 product line up : New shapes, our lightest decks, hot graphics, fresh apparel – we got you with this line up! Our team athletes have poured mind and body into designing and testing 2024. Now it’s your turn to put H/L 2024 on the water and in the air.
Hyperlite-wakeboard-2024 RustyPro


This Limited Edition by Dom Guehrs delivers a classy clean look on the shape loved around the world at the best wake parks. Built with Hyperlite’s fully machined Woodlite Core, Sintered Base, Urethane Sidewalls, and Power Press Rocker. Tested & Trusted by a Wakepark Legend.
Hyperlite-Wakeboard-2024 Launch Graphics-06


Handling the power of Rusty Malinoski’s wakeboarding, that is a big ask. The Rusty Pro is up for it with a shape providing the surface area for Rusty’s massive airs. With more length comes a wider overall profile, creating a ride that Rusty calls “light & poppy & snappy”. A big board for our biggest rider, designed to perform. “My board feels lighter than anything I’ve ever ridden.”
hyperlite-wakeboard-2024 Launch Graphics-07


Bounce around the park and slay the features like Pedro, bombproof for lasting life. Hyperlite’s Bio-Resin System is featured exclusively on the Guara, fulfilling Pedro’s wishes for a more sustainable construction process. Combine this with Hyperlite’s Woodlite Core made from sustainable Paulownia trees, and you have the most eco-friendly cable board on the market today.
Hyperlite-wakeboard-2024 Launch Graphics_Loaded Collection


For the serious boat wakeboarder Hyperlite’s Loaded Construction provides the best ride hands down allowing athletes to push their limits. Never before has a wakeboard been this responsive and lightweight thanks to our proprietary core material and manufacturing process. Exclusively available on the Capitol by Cory Teunissen, the RIOT by Noah Flegel, & the Blueprint by Trever Maur.
Hyperlite-wakeboard-2024 -Launch Graphics_Shuttle


Shaun Murray enjoys making things easy, easy to learn and easy to advance – The Shuttle Foil delivers ease for beginner and intermediate riders. The Shuttle wing assembly offers a stable platform with plenty of lift and maneuverability that can be shared amongst friends of all ability levels. Rest assured; with Shaun Murray’s endorsement you know the Shuttle will get you into the wave for an awesome experience.
hyperlite-Wakeboard-2024-Launch Graphics_UTE


The “Utility” option for all your behind the boat needs. The UTE Foil Kit is the optimal rig for getting into the foil game. The UTE also doubles as a wakesurf board, equipped with removable fins and removable, adjustable foot straps. Simply remove the foil assembly and jump on the wake for a surf session, with or without foot straps.
Hyperlite-wakeboard-2024 Launch Graphics_MajikKarpet


Noah Flegel’s waterman abilities are becoming legendary, and his pro model Majik Karpet foil is built to keep pace with his progression. Shorter size options on the Majik Karpet board shape provide unlimited maneuverability for advanced tricks and effortless pumping for additional push and speed. Increased board volume helps you catch ocean waves and recover from tricks when the board slams the water
Hyperlite-wakeboard-2024 Launch Graphics_Wakesurfers
hyperlite-wakeboard-2024 Launch Graphics_Condor


NEW FOR 2024
The Condor wakesurfer is a speedy hybrid shape ideal for surfers who enjoy skim style shuvits, snappy carves, and the ability to perform both on the same surfer. This board will fly down the line and turn on a dime. Carrying plenty of volume for that surf feel with a sharp rail at the tail for an instant response and skim feel.
hyperlite-wakeboard-2024 Launch Graphics_Lobo


NEW FOR 2024
One sesh and you’ll be hooked, the Lobo has an amazing pop off the wake and immense ollie power thanks to its wide tail and vented tail channel. A true twin fin design with a slightly increased nose rocker. Drive down the line and blast airs, plenty of control on air 180s while landing in reverse, the Lobo can do it all.
hyperlite-wakeboard-2024 Launch Graphics-UpdatedFrother


NEW FOR 2024
The Frother is back! The Frother 2.0 wakesurfer is reborn after popular demand utilizing our handmade epoxy construction. This twin fin design has a wide rocket tail creating extra speed and drive for explosive turns and airs in the wake. A unique tail rocker combines the float of wide tail shapes and response of sharp rails for a loose feel when desired.
hyperlite-Wakeboard-2024 Launch Graphics_For the Groms
hyperlite-wakeboard-2024 Launch Graphics

MURRAY JR. – King of the Grom Boards.

The success of the Murray Jr. can be seen at every wakeboard competition. The majority of the youth division is riding the legend’s shape. Shaun has spent countless hours teaching young rippers how to better their game, and he designed this deck to get these rippers to the next level! Available in the original 120cm and now 127cm to bridge the gap to adult sized decks.

Hyperlite Wake 2024 Preview

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