Bitebird | Take your Wi-Fi with you …


Bitebird | Take your Wi-Fi with you …

 Hassle-free internet abroad


 With Bitebird, you always have an internet connection at hand. You can use the internet securely and cheaply  in a growing number of countries.

It’s as easy as pie: turn on your Bitebird and go online directly with your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. And the best thing: you’ll never have to pay expensive roaming fees again. You can save up to 90% compared to roaming fees!


Internet abroad with your own, secure connection

You have your personal and secure internet connection at hand in more and more countries in the world. Even though Wi-Fi is public and free at an increasing number of locations, your data is anything but safe via these networks. With Bitebird, no one can use your Wi-Fi signal, unless you give them permission to do so.

More About Bitebird :

4G Case
– Secure and Personal Network  (the password can be changed)
– Currently eligible in 53 countries (there are new countries every month)
– Savings up to 90% compared to roaming rates
– Easy to use since credit (prepaid) can be used in all countries and for one year, and it’s rechargeable in seconds
– Connection with up to 10 devices simultaneously

PRICE: €99,95

More Info: Bitebird


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