Hyperlite’s Many Hands

Hyperlite’s Many Hands

What goes into making a Wakeboard, a Wakesurfer or a Binding ? It’s much more than you might you think. At Hyperlite Wakeboards a huge team effort is poured into each product they bring to the world of Wake. Discover why Hyperlite’s many hands is a team effort.

Many Hands

Hyperlite’s Many Hands provides a glimpse of how they shape, design, construct and deliver in everything Wake. Tom Curtin, Hyperlite VP, shares this story and his team’s passion for building quality goods that don’t fear time.

Watch Shaun Murray presenting his twentieth board for Hyperlite.

Hyperlite Wakeboard

“Launched in 1991, Hyperlite is the longest standing brand in Wakeboarding. The first to create compression molded Wakeboards, the first to introduce Wakesurfing with The Landlock, and the first to bring you Closed-Toe Bindings. While these are just some of our early innovations, the Hyperlite R&D Team continues to push the boundaries for enhancing your experience behind the boat or at the cable. System Bindings, DuraShell Construction, AirStick Core, Feather Flex, Variable Edge Design, Fully Machined Nova Core & Bamboo POP Top are just a handful of the new innovations Hyperlite has introduced in recent seasons.

Hyperlite’s Many Hands focuses on the people, the ingenuity & the passion that you just don’t see when looking at that shiny new Wakeboard or Wakesurfer at your local Wake Shop. The Hyperlite Athletes are who you usually see representing our brand, but there’s a tremendous team behind the scenes that plays a huge role in making Hyperlite what it is. So we’d like to recognize and thank everyone – the accounting crew, sales and customer service departments, the R&D Team, our logistics and warehouse staff, our production partners all over the world, partners in surfing and boat manufacturing, graphic art and digital design, photography & video production – all of you allow us to do what we love to do. And a huge thanks to those of you passionate about Hyperlite, Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing & the water sports lifestyle, we wouldn’t be here without y’all!”


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