Looking back at where it all started | WWA | Inverted Tee


Looking back at where it all started | WWA | Inverted Tee

Paying tribute to where we’ve come from while looking ahead to where wake is taking us, lets circle back to 1987 with one of wake’s greatest pioneers and original founder of the World Wake Association : Jimmy Redmon. Arguably one of the most prolific wakeboard designers of all time. Redmon alongside world-renowned surf photographer, Jimmy Metyko created the legendary photograph that many consider to be the “legitimizing force behind wakeboarding.”

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Before the performance style equipment, boats, and technology there was entrepreneurial energy at hand on Lake Austin one November morning back in 1987. Three high-spirited young men were looking to grab the first skiboard flip photo in Water Ski Magazine. Redmon had Redline Design’s first skiboard strapped to his feet, a design that once inverted he had to curl all of his toes back to hold on to the board – look closely you’ll see it.  Redmon’s brother and partner in Redline Design, John, was driving their dad’s 21 ft center console Mako. While Metyko sloshed around in ankle deep water capturing the visual essence of a sport that was soon to stampede anything in its path.


I will lay claim to creating the first inboard ballast system. I’d pull the plug, letting the water flood in through the bait wells on my dad’s fishing boat, back the boat up until we were all ankle deep and you were set.” – Jimmy Redmon.

*In today’s world we are fortunate enough to have boats with built-in ballast systems. Don’t be like Jimmy and pull the plugs on your boats.

A monumental photo

What you see on this shirt is the black and white image of a monumental photo for our sport. The original photograph was shot in color. However, Redmon serving as Redline Design’s product designer, business manager, and marketer with no money had to improvise; and you bet a 2-color ad in Water Ski Magazine was cheaper than a 4-color ad. The photo was high-contrasted out, dropping all the jaws of the publication when a 25-year-old kid brought in this legit piece of photography, far beyond waterskiing.


*1987.  Always wear a USCG Approved Vest.

Stick around to hear the full 30-year reflection from the three strangers simultaneously attaching windsurf straps to surfboards in three separate areas of the country, to his first trip to China, to the boat show that spearheaded the formation of what we now know today to be the World Wake Association. Coming soon to WWA Rideline! #WWA30Years.

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About the WWA

It is the leading source for riders, events and competitive standards and the undisputed sanctioning and governing body for the sport. For 28 years the WWA has been the world’s premier provider of amateur and professional wakeboard events, sanctioning and rules; “developed by riders, for riders”. Since its inception in 1989, the WWA has empowered the sport of wakeboarding to progress and evolve naturally by providing various amateur and professional sanctioning programs, protecting its riders through extensive amateur and professional membership levels and allowing freedom and opportunities for organizers to grow the sport.


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