“CARVE DIEM ” Parks Bonifay and his Crew

Carve Diem Parks Bonifay

“CARVE DIEM ” Parks Bonifay and his Crew

Parks Bonifay with the Ronix crew, Danny Harf and Eric Ruck share some waves on the lake .

You can see how fun he is when you tow by a jet-ski who pro-pulse yourself just behind the Boat for an continuous riding .”Sometime it works and sometimes not” said Parks Bonifay ,  that’s why i use the wave to do some Air ticks with impossible landing …. Enjoy this vids !

More About Parks Bonifay

PArks Bonifay was born in Pensacola, Florida. He became a professional wakeboarder in 1994. Parks took the wakeboarding world by storm as a 14-year-old, winning the X-Games in his first visit. He has held many major titles including the Pro Wakeboard Tour titles in 1999 and 2001. His dad put him on skis at just six months, 29 days old.

He became the first documented wakeboarder to land the 1080 (a switch toeside 1080), doing so at a Bill Doster photoshoot in 1999.

Bonifay was a recurring star on MTV‘s extreme action sports show Nitro Circus. He is sponsored by Ronix, Fox, Red Bull, Spy, MasterCraft, and Performance Ski & Surf.

A full-length feature documentary on Parks’ life was released on August 21, 2009, aptly titled The Parks Documentary. It chronicles the story of Park’s life, from his roots in water skiing and show skiing via his parents and grandparents, to his exploits, accomplishments and sheer dominance of the world of wakeboarding the past 12 years. He is also friends with pro wakeboarder Quinn Olson.

He resides in Polk County, Florida.


More at : Ronixwake.com

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