Daniel Grant 2019 Edit | Better Late than Never !


Daniel Grant 2019 Edit | Better Late than Never !

Daniel Grant 2019 Edit  | Better Late than Never!

Daniel Grant  2019 edit.

For the last 5 years Daniel has  always posted something at the end of the year / season, usually During His  birthday. Based in Asia, they  also have the Lunar / Chinese New Year. Knowing he wasn’t gonna make his  birthday, He wanted to make sure he would get something out in time, before the Lunar New Year.  Say goodbye to the year of the pig and welcome the rat ! 


Better Late than Never

Check the other Video Of Daniel Grant on Unleashed Wake Mag

Locations on  this Video : -Cali – Wake Island , Chicago – The Quarry, Chicago – West Rock, Geneva – Winch Demo, Spain – El Rancho, Canada – Planet Bayou …

On the words of Daniel Grant :

I start every season trying to come up with something new, something that gives me balance in life. I always think I have worked out how to do something better than the previous year, but sometimes those things don’t work out as you expect or plan.

I travelled the season with a battery powered portable winch. For my first flight out of Bangkok, the Airline confiscated my batteries. By the time, I could get the batteries, I the time I had planned to winch at the start of the season was gone. Once I had the time and location to use the winch, it broke down on me, and we could not get a repair. The idea of flying with a winch to new unknown locations, was the idea. Sadly, things did not work out as planned but we have another year with fresh ideas

My season more or less ended at the end of August, when Orlando was hit Hurricane Dorian, I was unable to get multiple interviews for my podcast and already several countries that I had planned to winch, all were cancelled due to the problems with the winch as well as having to change my plans due to the Hurricane.

So here is my edit a “mix and mash” of 2019. It is everything it says it is, Basically it’s a mash up of all the edits that came out last year through out the season with a little extra! following the music was selected and mixed by myself. (DJ Hotbox)

Thanks to my sponsors, Liquid Force, Rip Curl, Thai Wakepark, UNIT Parktech and GoPro, who continue to support me and allow me to do what I do.

Plans are in place for 2020!

I am re-building my website now for this season, and can’t wait to share with you what I have in store !

More info : Waketao.com


Daniel Grant 2019 Edit

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