Graeme Burress come back | Insights on INISIGHT


Graeme Burress come back | Insights on INISIGHT

Graeme Burress, New features means new tricks .

After basking in the glory of the Wake Awards wins, for a day, we asked Graeme Burress for some of his insights on the INSIGHT Section. This first behind the scenes edit goes down at CWC where Graeme spends his winters, he’s actually a team rider for The Gov getting full support from the staff at the Wake Park.

Graeme Burress

Insights on INISIGHT with Graeme Burress from Hyperlite Wakeboards on Vimeo.

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Graeme Talks

As you’ll see it takes a team to build and launch the massive wall ride that’s featured throughout the INSIGHT Section. Graeme’s walks us through where it was placed and what his goals were for each feature, including shots that weren’t included in the final edit. This is a great guide on how to build up to the trick you have in mind, staying focused on it and progressing until you get it. He also goes in depth on the snapped Wishbone as he goes Wall Rider to the down pipe, amazing he was able to ride that one out for a bit. There is one maneuver that Graeme stomped on the first try, it was that banger mega gap Tantrum to Blind. Revisit INSIGHT with Graeme’s insights.



Graeme Burress Insights on inisight  …

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