How to Build a Wakepark or Cablepark ? | Siargao Wakepark


How to Build a Wakepark or Cablepark ? | Siargao Wakepark

Have you ever wondered how a wakepark or a cable park is built ? Siargao Wakepark gives you the full process in this video !

Step by step

The time-laps images include the initial ground works, to the HDPE plastic lining to the rainfall filling up the lake. Riding the poolgap and spine kicker is French rider Matt Montorro.

Video from Siargao Wakepark on Youtube.

More about Siargao Wakepark

Located in General Luna, Surigao Del Norte, Siargao Wakepark provides wakeboarding in the surfing capital of the Philippines. It is the newest boardsport on the vibrant island of Siargao. Then, next to surfing, island hopping, kitesurfing and Stand-up-paddling, it is one of the stand out activities which can be practiced on a hidden lake in between the palmtrees.

Siargao Wakepark consist out of two lakes connected by a poolgap. The main lake is 100m long and 30m wide. It’s the base of the park and the place where beginner and intermediate riders ride. Our wakepark contains a 2-tower cable system. Moreover manual control and individual instruction makes it the perfect learning ground for everyone. Kids are also very welcome. They only require basic swimming skills and parental guidance.


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