RONIX RXT | 2019 Gear | 3 Years in the Making


RONIX RXT | 2019 Gear | 3 Years in the Making

RONIX RXT 2019 : 3 Years In The Making

The world of wakeboarding is about to change again – by the people that brought you the wakeboard. Hopefully at this point after building the finest crafted wakeboards for 29 years now we have you reassured in the innovation column. Which is why for 2019 we proudly present to you the 8:12 Technology. We were the first to market with PU, and PVC foam, Balsa, and Paulownia wood, and also carbon fiber laminates. All we can tell you is this new RXT first of its kind is none of those things. What is it then? The first board that is the perfect blend of feedback on the water, response off the wake, super soft landings, controls every aspect of the release, and it’s the lightest board out there too. Typically if a board is light, it doesn’t have feel on the water, or if it has a great take off – it lands hard. We can honestly say the RXT checks every box a high-end rider is looking for with the most in feedback and control ever created. Our fastest shape designed by our R&D team over a 3-year period and endorsed by Massi. The smoothest shape in wakeboarding mixed with our most advanced components.


RXT 2019


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