SLINGSHOT | Hover Glide Hydrofoil Invades OBX


SLINGSHOT | Hover Glide Hydrofoil Invades OBX

Joined by an all-star cast of pros and the real watersports crew the hover glide hydrofoil is put to the test behind the boat, in the surf, pumping off the dock and pulled by a kite. A week of riding Slingshot hover glide hydrofoil everywhere and every way possible !

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Words Slingshot Brand Manager Jeff McKee

Ever since I’ve moved up to the Carolina’s people have been raving about the Outer Banks.

“Dude you haven’t been to the outer banks yet?”

“You gotta go, the place is a surfers paradise…”

“It’s like the Hawaii of the East Coast!”

“You’ll never find water deep enough for that boat.”

Ha! It was all hearsay and there was only one way to discover the true potential of this place! GO and see for myself! I reached out the Neil Hutchinson (our East Coast and Caribbean rep) who had the idea to take the trip and spread the love for our new line of Hover Glide hydrofoils! One of our biggest dealers in the country, Real Watersports, is located right in the heart of the action with amazing kite conditions out back, PLUS amazing surf conditions out front! We set a date and assembled a crew of our favorite surfers/foilers/ etc. and surprisingly everyone was available and ready to rip! Enter pro surfers Brett Barley, Ben Gravy, James Jenkins and pro kiter Reed Brady, plus all-star Slingshot film-maker Steffen Vollert.

When we arrived at Watermen’s Retreat on the water’s edge next-door to Real we were blown away by the facilities. Talk about high-class livin’!  The accommodations were next-level, and the conditions were shaping up perfectly for the week! The following days were filled with endless activities including traditional surfing with the boys, foiling with Ben and Brett, dropping the boat into Oregon inlet and assembling the ultimate party wave, the ultimate tow-in session with Jenkins, and even learning to foil behind the kite, we ticked every box and then some, all in the matter of a few short days. We’re not sure if it’s always that EPIC, but we timed it right and the outer banks certainly delivered an amazing experience for all!

Special thanks to Real, Watermans, Jeffrey O’Neil, Ryan Osmond, and all the other fine folks that played a part in making this trip a success!

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