Koko Adams | Trip Across America, visiting Cable Parks


Koko Adams | Trip Across America, visiting Cable Parks

Koko Adams , Trip across America

Follow Koko’s, Eleven Years old  around this trip across America visiting a bunch of Cable-parks .

She made this little edit with her Dad  highlighted the most fantastic moment of this adventure  on the Water.

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Kaitlyn shares her story in a clip from the series 60 Second Docs, which examines the lives of fascinating and inspiring people, “one minute at a time.” She explains that she began wakeboarding at 5 years old, simply by going to a wake park “and trying it over and over again.”

That’s exactly the kind of perseverance that Kaitlyn wants to encourage in others, especially girls. “I just really wish girls would push themselves harder,” she says in the video.

She acknowledges that it’s not always easy, and even she gets nervous sometimes. But her solution is a simple one: “I believe I can do it, and I guess I just do it.”

Whether you want to ride the waves like Kaitlyn, or you have another goal you’re working to accomplish, this young athlete has something important to share: “Keep trying even if you fall, because you’re gonna get it eventually.”

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Koko Adams
Trip Across America, visiting Cable Parks

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