LIQUID FORCE 4D | 2017 Gear

Liquid Force 4D Teaser

LIQUID FORCE 4D | 2017 Gear

Liquid Force 4D Binding :

The most innovative, responsive & comfortable bindings ever made… for the ride of your life… meet the 4D.

4D Teaser

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More about the Treck 4D : “The TREK 4D binding is what we consider the flagship binding of our new 4D system because it is equipped with the best of what the 4D has to offer….”

More about the Form 4D : “The most supportive binding in our new 4D lineup is the FORM 4D. Among our test team of riders, this quickly became the binding of choice for Shawn Watson and others preferring extra support in their boot to give them more control and response….”

More about the Flex 4D : “We were really creative in the design of this binding but not as much in the naming of it. When the binding gives the rider the ultimate in high performance flexibility, why not call it the FLEX?….”

More about the LITE 4D : “What could be better than having a new boot featuring our 4D Binding System? How about having the response and feel of the 4D System in a binding that is lighter than any other high-performance binding in the market by nearly 10%! If having less weight to hold your riding down sounds good to you, the LITE 4D is what you’re looking for! …….”

More about the Women’s Treck 4D : “Why let the guys have all of the fun, right? That is what Melissa Marquardt strongly believes and is why we are introducing the WOMEN’S TREK 4D in addition to the men’s version……”

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