It’s Christmas Time | Unleashed Knives Limited Edition, The perfect Gift…

unleashed knives

It’s Christmas Time | Unleashed Knives Limited Edition, The perfect Gift…

Unleashed Knives Limited Edition

It’s Christmas time , unleashed Knives limited edition just ready to jump on santa claus bag….
The unleashed Knives by DEEJO: DEEJO is one of the most famous fashion french knives company , and this year Unleashed Wake Mag decide to offer you the opportunity to get one of this JEWELS specially designed by BIZMUT à french Artist on WAKE THEME ….

This limited edition is just made for you WAKE LOVERS !

The Orange and Pink one for the Girls , and the Black one for the Guys …. Choose one or more ,  and bring an limited edition gift at the bottom of your christmas tree …

unleashed knives 3

10% OFF with the code “CHRISTMAS”

More about Deejo :

The Deejo began as a desire on the part of Luc Foin and Stéphane Lebeau to rekindle the pleasure of having a knife in your pocket when you need one. Their design is just about as minimalist as a knife can be, especially one that folds safely away and locks up solidly. It’s a chisel ground blade that sits right up against the handle to provide safe storage when closed. It functions like a CRKT Kiss knife but weights mere fractions of an once and comes in a variety of sizes and styles.

More About Unleashed Wake Mag

14 years after its foundation UNLEASHED WAKE-BOARD MAGAZINE has come of age. 
After providing international coverage on wakeboarding, wakeskating, wakesurfing, and many major events, UNLEASHED has established itself as a globally renowned magazine. The fact that we make UNLEASHED available in multiple languages through our new website has proven to be a striking way to reach the largest possible number of people. 
From the beginning UNLEASHED has been a part of the “WAKE SCENE” covering the sport at wakeparks, boat camps, competitions, winch sessions, and more. With a unique approach to interviews, press reports, scoops, video and photo-shoots it has allowed us to gain the riders’ trust and faith. The pro riders’ passion for our photo sessions and videos available through the UNLEASHED website proves our reputation and following in the wakeboard world. 
Since 2004 the advertisers who have given us their trust have noticed a proven increase in sales and worldwide popularity! Being able to promote their image in an international way all over the globe is unparalleled in the world of advertising. UNLEASHED WAKEBOARD MAGAZINE is made by the riders for the riders in order to capture the underlying spirit of the wake way of life. Also, we are the main media partner of all the major wakeboard events of the world including the WWA world championships, the FISE World, Plastic Playground, Speed Pilots, Dutch Wakeboard Tour, UK Grass Roots Tour, French 2 Tower Tour, and the Spain Wakeboard Tour. Unleashed is the predominant media and support for this sport.

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