Pass the HANDLE 2021 july 18th


Pass the HANDLE 2021 july 18th

Pass the HANDLE  2021 july 18th

Pass the HANDLE :The purpose of #PassTheHandle is to introduce new people to towed water sports. Participants leave feeling energized and eager to get back out on the water.

The #PassTheHandle project is a national awareness-driven initiative created by legendary wakeboarders Shaun Murray and Zane Schwenk. The concept is simple: Find a friend who has never tried towed water sports (or perhaps has been focused on only one discipline) and teach them something new. Take a wakeboarder out for a trick ski session. Have a wakesurfer try out a disc.

Ideas for how you can share the stoke…

-Community members, friends, friends-of-friends, neighbors, work friends, classmates and family could all be great participants for #PassTheHandle and #Unleashedwakemag.

-Consider people in your local community, like the local Sheriff, law enforcement or fire fighters; people who work at your favorite coffee shop or store.

Help us spread the word on social media

Take a pict of you put @ your company or name #Passthehandle and #unleashedwakemag and get a chance to win an awesome gift

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Coaching Tips:

  • To not confuse participants, only one person should be coaching. The boat driver should follow the coach’s lead.
  • Know your participant—Not every participant is going to feel comfortable on any apparatus.
  • Let them get comfortable, start slow—give them an opportunity to get used to being behind the boat.
  • Be patient. It’s important to be as encouraging and supportive as possible—If they don’t get up, highlight what they did really well.
  • The allotted session time for each participant will be dependent on how many people you have in the group, but consider giving each participant at least 15-20 minutes out on the water at a time. Consider multiple sessions so they can learn from others and try again.

See you out on the water this Sunday!

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