The UNLEASHED TEAM How it works ?

You’re a Rider on wakeboard wakeskate or wakesurf ,  you’re under 15 you’ ve a insane level in wakeboard wakeskate or wakesurf  ,

this page is made for you…

This is the presentation of the first Members of the Unleashed  Young Team !

Team Unleashed Marcy Grassis

Marcello Grassis Aka Marcy ( Italia)

I’m a pro rider from Italia member of the UNLEASHED Young Team Since 2016
I’m actually on the wakeboard Italian team represent my country during all the international events, in Europe and on the world. I still riding as much as i can in summer and in winter but i still have school that’s not the fun part of my life , follow me in my adventures …
Team Unleashed Bobby Grant

Bobby Grant    (Thailand )

Bobby Grant is legend at Thai Wake Park. You won’t make it past the the starting dock without Bobby’s approval, but lucky for us he’s a fan of the Slingshot Super Grom! At just 9 years of age, the future is bright for Bobby and the sport of wakeboarding.

Team Unleashed Maxime

Max Sitnikov  (Russia)

Max Sitnikov is a 10 years old Russian rider , he’s the winner of the US National contest division super groom in 2016 . Like all the rider of the Unleashed team Maxime excel in two disciplines , Cable and Boat… Follow this Freshly Liquid force  Super Groom rider on his skill through his rider Part  …

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