How To With Fetzy : Wakeboard Beginner – Injury Prevention

How to with Fetzy

How To With Fetzy : Wakeboard Beginner – Injury Prevention

FETZY INSTRUCTOR : Level Wakeboard Beginner…. Injury Protection
How to not get injured at Wakeboarding. The warm up is necessary on Wakeboparding follow all those advice below … & Good luck and have fun! Fetzy

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More About Daniel FETZ:

Fetzy himself is a wakeboard legend and the Fetzysworld Wakeboardschool at Salmsee in Austria has the reputation as one of the world best schools.. With this course Fetzy wants to bring a solution to more people around the globe. His camps are booked up a year in advance.

Born: 1984 in Linz, Upper Austria
Wakeboarding: since 1997
Coaching: since 2001
Founded Fetzysworld Wakeboardschool: in 2005
Food: Flexetarian (just 95 % vegetarian) and only organic!
Kids: Samuel – the biggest teacher in my life!
Philosophy: What goes around, comes around

His biggest achievements are vice-world champion, 7 times Austrian champ, Best Trick Winner Wake The Line, 2nd best in the IWWF Cable Worldranking,…
Fetzy has turned into a real ambassador of the sport. In 2013 he had the big honor to present wakeboarding in front of the Olympic Committee.